Being Bipolar: Ep. 94 – How Do You Manage Your Depression?

On today’s episode the question was asked, “How do you manage your depression?” Enjoy!

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17 Responses to Being Bipolar: Ep. 94 – How Do You Manage Your Depression?

  1. veronica says:

    i try not to stay a way from people but its hard not to. i feel like every time i try to talk to someone i go from one topic to the other without thinking. then i can’t help but to act like a kid some times and then people look at me strange and then they don’t want to hang with me anymore. a select few do but not everyone does. it seems like the ones that are my friends try but they just don’t get it or try to but they still say things behind my back and talk crap about me. i just don’t know why people can’t understand i am trying to be without med’s and try to be like everyone els but it doesn’t work for me. at times i just want to cry and not talk to anyone. its so hard for me i feel like i can’t take it anymore but when i do push on it hurts. both physicaly and emotionaly. then i look at the man who loves me and he makes me feel so much better so i keep trying he pushes me a lot though i don’t like that but i deal with it.

  2. shemp says:

    I try not to isolate, I force myself to get up and shower and go…anyehere. I avoid negative people and attach myself to happy,funny, positve people like a baby koala. I listen to my upbeat motivational playlist. I keep busy with activities that wont allow me to fixate on negative thoughts. I swim and swim so I dont go under, because if I do, I know I’ll be there a long time. Sometimes I trip people, like jon.

  3. Carlos Thompson says:

    When I have it, weed helps me through a great deal of my depression. I often isolate myself and I have one or two close friends I confide in and they talk with me to ease the depression as well. My lover also calms me quite well, he has gone to great lengths to educate himself about bipolar in the 8 months we have known each other.

  4. BJPW says:

    I don’t. I get sucked down….way down and sometimes have to deal with med changes to bring me back to a stable state.

  5. sarah says:

    Talk to friends and think positive thoughts :)

  6. silvercoat says:

    I Embrace it.

  7. Jule says:

    I take my meds daily, but more out of habit now because I believe my outlook on things and using my reasonable mind (or trying to balance the emotional and reasonable as often as possible) is the key. Self talk helps and after all the years of diff therapists, I have learned that it is up to me to handle. Yeah it gets hard at times, but it is usually the anxiety and racing thoughts that get harder to deal with at times. I just treat my depression like a known ‘friend’ who visits now and again. I have learned to tell it to go away! :)

  8. Jon says:

    I trip people. It usually makes me laugh.

  9. Danielle says:

    I am so glad I seen this on my son’s page. I didn’t know anything like this on Facebook. I have been diagnosed since 2000. I haven’t been managing my bipolar to good here lately when my boyfriend brought his two little kids here and expects me to watch them. I do not have the patience with little ones. I love my freedom and he expects me to be able to tolerate his kids and manage a lot of stress easily.

    • Jule says:

      Tell him you can’t do it. It isn’t your job automatically because you are dating. If he truly cares about you he will understand you illness takes precedence over you overall well being which will affect your relationship with him.
      You come first!!

    • Leanne says:

      I have a 9 month old and im currently in depression before id be in bed all day plus i have arthritis and fibromyalgia as well, You learn to cope, it has took me over a decade to work out what to do, i still cry all day but i dont cry in front of my child other whys she crys too!

    • sarah says:

      Honestly if you can’t handle taking care of kids you should not be dating someone who has kids.

  10. Lorissa Backdepack says:

    Once you are completley aware of ur illness, it is crucial to learn to manage it, learn ur triggers……..helps me alot to add my humar n make jokes, gotta lighten up n laugh alot !!!!!!!!!!! its not just about taking ur meds, moral support, n more moral support, i firmly beleive medical marijuana is the cure 4 the clinical depression that comes with bypolar !!!!!!!!! I know it works 4 me ♥

    • Mary Bush says:

      I am of the same beleif. Medical marijuana has been a life saver for me. All the other stuff just made everything worse and my life wqas totaly unmanageble. I let my hubbs handle most of the money. I am hoping to help get med. marijuana in fla soon.

  11. PeaNut says:

    Take antidepressants and hope they work!

  12. Betsy says:

    I don’t manage my bipolar depression; it manages me.

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