BIPO Interactive Narrative Introduction

Bipo is an interactive narrative about a mental disorder called ‘Bipolar’. The aim  is to guide and create awareness about the disorder. You will be in the shoes of a bipolar person or people who live and interact with the patient, to understand the issue.

The story is full of metaphorical elements which symbolize the real-life challenges faced by a Bipolar person. This narrative is about a bipolar person Araz, whose suffers from bipolar disorder. We have two planets Neo planet and Highdep planet. The Neo planet represents the normal phase while the Highdep planet represents the Bipolar phase. The story has more metaphors for you to explore in a way you can understand a bipolar mind and how to empathize with their state when needed.

As you explore, slowly, meaning begins to arise, and the metaphorical language might start to make sense, perhaps you are powerful after all. Bipo is not here to give you direct information; instead it will give you clues and guide you to the facts.

Your choices will have consequences from the very start, right through to the very end. One small decision could change the entire outcome by choosing one out of two options at each stage, which can lead to one of the five endings.
But as you explore, slowly, meaning begins to arise, and the paradoxes might start to make sense. Bipo is inviting you to understand.