Introduction ...

”Journey to the past”

There was once a kingdom on the Neo planet, Where lived the king who grew old and decided to pass over the kingship. He had two Royal guards, Elva and Siren. He decided to choose Elva as the successor to the monarchy. This decision made Siren jealous and gave him a feeling of betrayal, So he proceeded to the Highdep planet and built his kingdom for many years. Siren continued his enmity with Elva and kept trying to attract more people to Highdep from Neo planet to increase his army.
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Planet Neo is in galaxy 458, and has only one continent, Neo Land. It floats in the middle of the Neo Ocean.
The climate is similar to Earth, with lush green pastures, tall trees, and dense forests.
Both humans and non-humans inhabit the planet.

This planet is ruled by Elva (queen). The Neo planet has one primary enemy: Siren, the king of the HighDep planet. Siren wants to take people from Neo planet to Highdep because he needs more people to create a strong army and conquer the Neo planet. Unfortunately, both humans and non-humans inhabit the Neo planet, making it easier for non-human soldiers of Siren to deceive humans and take them to Highdep Planet.
Elva has designated Soldiers and created a health organization named Boonistry center to protect people from getting affected by Siren.

”Highdep Planet”
Planet Highdep in the galaxy 458, next to Planet Neo, has two continents called ‘Highland’ and ‘Deppland,’ and a vast ocean called Uor.
The principal inhabitants of this planet are non-humans, but it’s accessible for people living in Neo when Siren attacks them.

”Depp Land”
The southern hemisphere, called Deppland, is covered in darkness and never sees the light of day. As a result, people on this continent are mostly immobile or dormant. The appetite of inhabitants is severely reduced, and they don’t perform any healthy activities.

”High Land”
The Northern Hemisphere, called Highland, has daylight hours, and people are highly active over here. As a result, they tend to achieve impossible goals, which might drain their energy. Still, this land encourages them to pursue ambitions and take dangerous risks, adversely impacting their lives.

”Boonistry Centre”
There were continuous attacks of Siren on Neo land, and people were heavily affected and manipulated by Siren’s soldiers. As a result, many lost their loved ones, and their families drifted apart. Eventually, Elva and the others concluded that the best way to help people in the community was to educate them. So they decided to open the Boonistery Center, which focuses on mental health through meditation, yoga, learning music, and various arts that help people. Each activity has different levels and challenges to cross.
One of the members of the Boonistry center is Araz. He joined the center Because Siren attacked him, and Elva wanted to protect him.